Death is a great and grand mystery, and the actual act of dying is the last physical act of our lives. We can do it well, like a graceful well-rehearsed piano solo or free throw, or we can do it herky-jerky like the klutzes we delightful humans can sometimes be. But if anything deserves our full attention, some preparation, or some renewed clarity, death might be it./PPIn this light-hearted, irreverant exploration of the one thing that is certain, Pritchett offers a look at all the uncertainty that precedes this final act. In a compelling mix of practical how-to advice and personal narrative, this book captures one persons adventures to make peace with her greatest nemesisdeath. She offers up wisdom from her obsessive search, which has included a decade of normal research (seminars, interviews, and retreats) and a lifetime of other related pursuits (digging up a dead body, necropsying her pet dog on the lawn, abandoning an MRI machine, taking flying lessons, and undergoing genetic testing)